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At Montage, we believe that health and wellness are integrated. If you’ve struggled to stick with an exercise regimen, you know how crucial it is to have the proper focus and support. With the right system, getting (and staying) in shape may be a lot easier than you think.

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  • Physical improvement
    • Improvement in your physical fitness is very important. The way in which you choose to plan that out is just as important.
    • Staying consistent with whatever regiment you decide to take is key in your process.
    • Set your goals for success and then put a plan in place to accomplish what you desire!

Stretch your limit

  • Push yourself past your mind
    • We can often put what matters over our mind.. But it’s important to know that 'If you don`t MIND it doesn’t MATTER'
    • So as you set goals be BOLD and get yourself ready for the journey of creating your best self.
    • Physical fitness is (70% mental and 30% physical). So Lock in and show the world who you are!

Challenge yourself

  • Try new activities
    • Have you ever tried a new activity?
    • Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and Cardio (Spin/Running) – what can you add to your life?
    • You learn nothing by doing the same thing.. Explore your life with a challenge or multiple that allow you to grow beyond your norm.

On the streets

  • What's happening around you
    • Your surroundings are important, so understand that people are here to help you in your journey.
    • There are people around you and professionals that can help guide you daily. Montage Fit is here to assist you in building your vision.
    • In 2022 Montage Fit will be focused on ‘Self-improvement, from those around You’. So support us by being the best version of yourself.

Mental benefits

  • Hippocampus / Frontal cortex
    • Physical fitness can assist your mental in 2 different ways – Your personality and your long term/short term memory.
    • Relief of stress, anxiety, trauma.
    • The correlation between mental health and physical fitness is now being understood. Make sure you communicate and express your experience.

Self confidence

  • Who do you want to be?
    • As you charge, consider your journey.
    • Your self-confidence can put you in a mental space that separates you from your past experiences.
    • Believe in yourself on the Montage Fit app. Build the person you want to be!

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