Staying Chill –

Whether you’re getting in shape, getting better sleep, excelling in your career, or handing the responsibilities of modern life – when you’re able to calm down, you can reset yourself, gain a sense of perspective, and see new possibilities.

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Better sleep

  • Sleeping better
  • Actually resting
    • When it comes to sleep we don’t typically understand how important it is. Better sleep leads to better outcomes during your day and leading into your evening.
    • The position of you your body whether it be on your stomach or back does matter.
    • So pay attention to when, where, and how long you get your sleep. It can be the difference between a productive day and a non-productive daily experience.


  • Getting into your zone
    • Everyone has a limit to their max. When that happens what do you do?
    • You should unwind and understand your limits so that you can properly understand what you need to do to relax and prepare yourself for the next day
    • Selfish while unwinding is not a bad word. Get into your zone so you can be better for those around you.

Make your home more relaxing

  • Creating a better environment
    • Your home is your peace. So, if you're not comfortable you cannot be the best version of yourself
    • Home is where the heart is, and you need to have the ability to feel free so you’re mental and physical can improve in said environment
    • Consistency, purpose, and hard work are the key to a more relaxing home.

Stress Relief

  • Relaxation
    • Meditation is very important for everyone. The ability to find our voice aside from the most important people in our lives is essential
    • You cannot be the best version of yourself without self-reflection.
    • Physical fitness is the best stress reliver that you have. It stimulates your frontal cortex (your personality) and your hippocampus (long term/short term memory). So make sure that you activate 2 birds with 1 stone.

Solo Meditation

  • Self-reflection
    • Understanding who you are is essential. Meditation done consistently allows you to hone in on your most valuable asset, your mind.
    • Meditation can be done in several ways – Laying down, or Standing up, but the main idea is that you spend time by yourself.
    • And make sure to let those around you understand that you need that time alone without any disruption.

Personal Habits

  • Self-acknowledgment
    • We must be deliberate in the mirror image of ourselves. We are the first to know what is going on internally, but it takes others/professionals to help us understand.
    • Our habits are a reminder of our wants at that specific time in our lives. Good or bad they must be acknowledged.
    • So look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re in love with all of you. Then do something about it.

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