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When you surround yourself with the right people, it can make all the difference. With Montage, you’ll connect with a mastermind group to share your values, get support through your challenges, and celebrate your victories.

Check out this brief into and see what the right support can mean for you.

Connecting with loved ones

  • Being vulnerable with those you love
    • Vulnerability is a super-power, so you should embrace it. The understanding that letting people see you, will actually free you.
    • Those that love you will always want your truth. So reach out and be ready to help them as well

Support 101

  • People creating/being apart of groups
    • On the Montage ‘Connection’ area of the app you will be able to communicate and build your mental/physical vision with those you know directly or can meet through the app.
    • It will take a village to conquer mental health. As long as we continue to support one another, we can remove the stigma surrounding our greatest human threat – mental health.

A cup of tea

  • Mental health similarities
    • Seeing yourself in someone else is common, so embrace it!
    • Have a cup or tea with those you know or who you meet on the Montage Fit app.
    • Empathy/Sympathy for others is what will help you on a daily basis.

A helping hand

  • Proactively helping others
    • If you have done healing on yourself and can help another person, you should do so.
    • Your physical/mental health is a mission for everyone. So giving back will help you overall and the Montage Fit app will help you do so.
    • In 2022 Montage Fit will be focused on ‘self-improvement, for those around you’. So support by being the best version of yourself.

Who am I?

  • A better understanding of yourself
    • Who you are matters, so tell your story. Only you can.
    • Be an individual and embrace it!
    • Someone needs you, so participate for them. Let them know they are not alone in the world through your help and testimony.

Professionals Paradise

  • Mental & Physical professional profiles
    • Help is on the way. Montage Fit will profile professionals that can assist you in your journey.
    • Professionals will be able to grow their talents and expand their platforms.
    • The need to meet people where they are is upon us… Meet the moment. People are seeking help, and there are professionals that can help.

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